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“Ohjeet antamisesta”, “ohjeet antamiseen or “antamisohjeet”?”

I often see the following type of translation in SPCs: Comprehensive instructions for administration are given in the package leaflet, section 7, "Instructions for use" Yksityiskohtaiset ohjeet XYZ-valmisteen antamisesta löytyvät pakkausselosteesta kohdasta 7, ”Käyttöohjeet”. But one should translate "instructions for administration" using the structure "ohjeet antamiseen" or "antamisohjeet". Think about "Instructions for making coffee". In … Continue reading “Ohjeet antamisesta”, “ohjeet antamiseen or “antamisohjeet”?”


Why did I create this blog?

I am a medical and technical translator working from English and French into my native tongue, Finnish. A great deal of my work consists of translating and editing of pharmaceutical texts (SPCs, labels, PLs) where I must stick to the wordings of EMA (European Medicines Agency) templates. Unfortunately I spend too many hours answering the … Continue reading Why did I create this blog?