Month: March 2015

A strip – repäisypakkaus or läpipainolevy?

The standard term for "strip" is "repäisypakkaus". This Finnish term actually covers many different kind of packages that you can open by tearing; the word "repäisy" means "tearing". (E.g. a tear-off cap = repäisykansi.) Thus the Finnish term has a quite wide sphere of application; you can check this by doing a Google image search … Continue reading A strip – repäisypakkaus or läpipainolevy?


New PRAC recommendations cause changes in SPC wordings

There is a rather new EMA document containing wording that must be updated to product information of certain medicinal products: "Signaaleihin perustuvat PRACin suositukset valmistetietojen päivittämistä varten" / "PRAC recommendations on signals for update of the product information" (Hyväksytty 6.–9. tammikuuta 2015 PRACin kokouksessa). You can find the document in Finnish here, and by changing … Continue reading New PRAC recommendations cause changes in SPC wordings