Month: February 2015

“To take” is not always “ottaa” in Finnish

Sometimes it is better to translate "take" (a tablet / a medicine etc.) by the word that actually means "use" in Finnish.  In EMA templates these two verbs go often as a pair: (PIL, section 3:) How to <take> <use> X  / Miten X:ää <otetaan> <käytetään> Always <take> <use> this medicine exactly as ... / … Continue reading “To take” is not always “ottaa” in Finnish


Appendix V updated in January 2014

The EMA Appendix V was updated on 1st Dec, 2014. The downloadable Appendix V  version 09 includes a change of Fimea address: what was before "FI-00034 Fimea" is now "00034 FIMEA". In the SPC, the correct wording is now: Epäillyistä haittavaikutuksista ilmoittaminen (NB. this title should be underlined) On tärkeää ilmoittaa myyntiluvan myöntämisen jälkeisistä lääkevalmisteen … Continue reading Appendix V updated in January 2014

“Tamper-proof” and “tamper-resistant” into Finnish

The verb "to tamper" is not easy to translate into Finnish. The verbs that correspond to "tamper" in Finnish seem to be more or less of a spoken-language style (corresponding to "to fiddle"):  peukaloida, näpelöidä, sormeilla, kajota, sabotoida... So, how should one translate e.g. the following phrases: "Do not use X, if you notice that … Continue reading “Tamper-proof” and “tamper-resistant” into Finnish